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A picture of the detector


SAPHIR is an acronym for Spectrometer Arrangement for Photon induced Reactions and was one of the experiments at the Bonn Electron-Stretcher ELSA at the Physikalisches Institut. Data taking was finished in 1998, but still a reasonable amount of data is under evaluation and is waiting for new evaluations as well.

The work concerns the structure and interactions of hadrons and quarks in the confinement region.
In particular, the following topics are to be addressed: investigation of the production mechanism for hadrons with strangeness and the search for new resonances produced in association with strange mesons and baryons as well as with 'normal' pseudoscalar and vector mesons.
The data sets available consist of multiparticle final state events produced by real photons of energy between 0.9 and 3.0 GeV incident on a hydrogen target.

The main reactions currently being exploited are:

γp K+Λ, K+Σ0, K0Σ+
γp K*Λ
γp K+Λ(1520)

γp '

γp +π-
γp +π-π0



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